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In addition to house concerts, stage concerts and festival performances, Blue Lotus Trio offers an array of workshops, and also enjoys accompanying yoga and bellydance classes.


Blue Lotus Trio in Concert
Our music is warm and intimate, both vocal and instrumental, and is inspired by the things we love - Indian raga, Turkish rhythms, Sufi poetry, great food, clear skies… We enjoy performing in a variety of venues - from concert halls, listening rooms and folk clubs to galleries, studios, yoga barns, living rooms and lovely lofts. We usually perform sitting cross-legged on carpeted risers. We are happy to "play for the room", using a full sound system, minimal amplification, or completely unplugged.

In addition to performing our concert repertoire, which uses a variety of Indian and Turkish instruments along with voices and guitar, Blue Lotus Trio enjoys providing (as Heidi calls it) sonic incense, adding musical ambience to gatherings, receptions, or other special occasions.

Please contact us to inquire about booking Blue Lotus Trio for your next:
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photo: Bruce Dienes


Raga Singing with Sahara
Like yoga, singing connects us to our breath and our bodies, allowing us to centre and quiet the mind. In this workshop, Sahara will show the basic technique of Indian singing. Participants will learn to sing using sargam, the names of the notes, which are used to express melody, to help in improvisation, and to deepen the understanding of the beauty of Raga.

photo: Shane Warner

Hand Drumming with Ken
Explore the power and beauty of the drum in a creative, relaxed environment. Ken is a very experienced musician and instructor, who has been sharing his love of global hand drumming traditions for many years, through private sessions, workshops, seminars, and through Acadia University in Nova Scotia. All levels, and all drums are welcome! Special topics for this workshop can be requested, including Bellydance Drumming, Frame Drumming, Trance Rhythms, or the Rhythms of India.



Yoga and Bellydance Classes
Blue Lotus Trio enjoys providing musical accompaniment for yoga and bellydance classes. We can create an intimate, beautiful soundscape which combines vocal and instrumental music in a range of speeds and moods, from spacious and slow to groove-based and energizing.

photo: Shane Warner


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